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Titan Orbiting Saturn.jpg

Dragonfly Winners

Ava Lewis

Sarah Russell

Sage Harmon

Torin Haesle

Fisher Dail

Kody Bocksch

Photo Credit NASA.jpg
SP_Summer Solstice_Event_Panida Slider.jpg

Europa Clipper Winners

Sage Harmon

Madelaine Scurto

Chamille Jones

Elijah Mor

Greyson Eden

Credit NASA.jpg

Clipper Launch Winners

Europa Clipper Launches on SpaceX Falcon Heavy in 2024

Congratulations to our Winners!

Freya Bearly

Zeke Green

Annmarie Knobbs

Brennan Knobbs

Ruby Moremen

Clara Sherman

Credit:  NASA

SP Fall Equinox SciFest.jpg
SP_Fall Equinox_Event_Panida Slider(3).jpg

Black Hole Winners!

Sara Russell

Fisher Dail

Kieran Ryan

*Spacepoint's Equinox and Solstice Sci-Fest Event Winners Qualify for Free Tickets to Kennedy Space Camp in 2024.

To qualify, participants must attend at least 2 of 4 Sci-Fest Events in 2023 and achieve one of the top three scores at each event.  Any tie scores will be included.  A final knowledge test consisting of questions from each event will determine the ultimate winners to attend Kennedy Space Camp.

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