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Our Events Connect Experts Across the Space Industry with Aspiring Explorers
Each event includes knowledge challenges enhancing education but also providing unique travel Experience Scholarships to Kennedy, Starbase, Space Camp and More!
Titan Orbiting Saturn.jpg

Dr Jason Barnes, Deputy Principle Investigator, Dragonfly, joined us for a fascinating presentation of NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Titan.  Titan an Ocean World, is Saturn's largest Moon and may contain the ingredients of life.
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Europa Clipper
Dr Matthew Hedman presented Europa Clipper, NASA's largest spacecraft dedicated to investigate Jupiter's Ocean World Europa. Europa Clipper will confirm the existence of water and the potential to support life. 
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Black Hole .jpg

Black Holes
Dr Zachariah Etienne presented the emerging science of Gravitational Waves and Black Holes.  The first Gravitational Wave was observed in 2014 announced in 2015 leading to the Nobel Prize.  This amazing area of scientific research and discovery is just beginning!

Annual Solar Eclipse
Dr Matthew Bernards presented Eclipses and NASA's Eclipse Balloon Project.  The Annular Solar Eclipse or Ring of Fire will occured October 14th, 2023!  The Ring of Fire will be followed by a Total Solar Eclipse in Spring 2024 and will the the last Total Eclipse until 2045. 

Ring of Fire.jpg

Starship Integrated Flight Test 1 (IFT1)

Our team witnessed Starship's first integrated test launch from SpaceX Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas. The largest and most powerful rocket ever launched delivers a key milestone for humans to become an interplanetary species. A historic achievement!

Starship Integrated Flight Test 2 (IFT2)

We witnessed first hand the largest most powerful rocket ever built and first launch vehicle capable of human interplanetary exploration.  SpaceX's Starship IFT2 successfully completed 5 of 6 key objectives!  We're on to IFT3!!!

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