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We Connect Experts Across the Space Industry with Aspiring Explorers

Dr Rene Laureijs, European Space Agency Euclid Lead Scientist, presented the world's first wide field space based observatory.  Euclid's first mission is to image 1/3 of the visible Universe to unlock the secrets of Dark Matter, Dark Energy and more!


Dr Michael R. Landry, Caltech, Head of The Hanford Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) led a Talk and Private Tour of this amazing instrument and facility.  An instrument proving the existence of Black Holes by detecting the first gravitational wave in history.  This wave left its origin 1.6 Billion years ago.

Dr Paul Wilson, Pacific Northwest National Lab presented emerging and groundbreaking research on the challenges, effects and potential risk management for Radiation on Human Spaceflight.  Shielding, Time and Distance but also potential biological solutions to help mitigate radiation exposure risk. 

Black Hole .jpg

Black Holes
Dr Zachariah Etienne presented the emerging science of Gravitational Waves and Black Holes.  The first Gravitational Wave was observed in 2014 announced in 2015 leading to the Nobel Prize.  This amazing area of scientific research and discovery is just beginning!

Our 2023 Events took us to Titan, Europa, Black Holes, Starship and More!
Titan Orbiting Saturn.jpg


Dr Jason Barnes

Europe Clipper Jupiter.jpg

Europa Clipper

Dr Matthew Hedman

AY Star SgrA_  Credit EHT .jpg

Black Holes

Dr Zachariah Etienne


Starship 1 & 2


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